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DTfox: Duotone fox
An anthro artist represented as a nocturnal fox with black and white fur.


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Just to start off, I've reverted back to Windows 8.1, so my veredict is: It's not right for me. I'll give my reasons and it's up to you to decide if you want it or not.

User Interface: For the most part it's a lot like Windows 8, except that they've gotten rid of the Metro interface which it seems most people hated. The new start menu still has metro tiles, but I was able to delete them all. Once I deleted them I found that the remaining space to navigate applications was too small and there's no way to make it any wider, all the extra horizontal space is reserved for tiles. One thing I like was that the buttons on the corner of the windows are larger so they're easier to click on.

Personalization: Windows 10 is about as easy to customize as Windows 8 and 7, except that you're stuck with this ugly wallpaper in the login screen that you're not allowed to change. It looks like this:
Windows 10 Build 10159 Login Screen by furkooo85

Efficiency: I'm under the impression that Windows 10 takes longer to boot up and to open programs than Windows 8 is.

Bugs: It looks like you can't close skype from the task bar anymore by using the "Quit Skype" option. There's a bug in how Windows 10 handles skype that makes it so you have to close Skype from the system tray instead.

Cortana and Edge: Edge is an average browser with the gimmick of being able to draw on the web pages. Cortana is like Siri or Galaxy voice. The main problem with these features is that they send all your usage information to Microsoft and Microsoft has written in their terms of service that they can give your information to the US Government if they suspect you're doing illegal activities.

Privacy: I think this article puts it well:…
Pretty much anything you have and do on your computer can potentially be sent to the government. Some people argue that you shouldn't be afraid of surveillance if you're not doing anything wrong, but they make mistakes like anybody else. If they think you're doing something illegal and decide to take you to court you have to spend thousands of dollars on lawyers to defend yourself.

The operating system also assigns an advertising ID to your computer which sends your browser usage statistics to advertising companies. They know what adult websites you've been to, what stuff you've bought on Amazon and who your Facebook friends are.

Automatic Updates: Unless you buy the Professional version of Windows 10, you are not allowed to refuse automatic updated from Windows. There are so many ways this could be used wrongly. Imagine that a year after Microsoft has given everybody a free copy of Windows they decide to turn Windows into a subscription service (I wouldn't be surprised if they did that) and you have no way to reject it since you can't refuse automatic updates.

The Veredict
Microsoft would not be giving Windows 10 for free to millions of people if there wasn't some motive behind it. They likely will find ways to make people pay money using the new Windows features and they were probably paid a lot of money by the US government and advertising companies to disclose peoples' information.

Overall it feels pretty much the same as Windows 8 except without Metro. If you have Windows 8 and absolutely hate Metro and you don't care for privacy, go and upgrade to Windows 10.

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