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Anthro Ninetales by DTfoxLynn: Look at me by DTfoxRenamon by DTfoxTelepath Krystal by DTfoxPlaying with Umbreon by DTfox

About Me

DTfox: Duotone fox
An anthro artist represented as a nocturnal fox with black and white fur.


Commissions are currently on hold.
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Commissions are open. Send me a note and tell me what you'd like me to draw.
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Favorite Pokémon
Favorite Sonic character
Here's an assortment of art from people who are watching me.

:iconkendratheshinyeevee: KendraTheShinyEevee
Estelle the Espeon 10 by KendraTheShinyEevee Pearl the Dewgong by KendraTheShinyEevee Sandra the Flareon 4 by KendraTheShinyEevee Kendra in a Parasol by KendraTheShinyEevee

:iconnovathedragon: NovaTheDragon
Fat Bottomed Dragons Make The World Go Round by NovaTheDragonAccela by NovaTheDragon

:iconraventhewarrior: raventhewarrior
Ruby request by raventhewarrior

:iconxdarkthunder: xDarkThunder
[Halloween Special] I Love You to Death.The night today in Andalusst wasn't exactly ideal for the little Jolteon, since he'd prefer no clouds blocking the moon. "Whatever." He said, facing the beacon of light in the centre of Dreamer's Eye, looking for someone in particular to show up.
Sitting on a roof looking down at the place he asked that someone to meet him, he grinned widely as a shadow settled at the location.
"Finally." He sighed muttering to himself, still looking at the shadow in the distance. "It's play time."
Thud. The electric fox jumped silently from the roof and landed on the solid ground, though his landing didn't go as silent as he'd thought. It of course, didn't went unnoticed, and the shadow immediately turned in his direction.
"Rai? Is that you?" It called out. Luckily for him, Rai was still in the shadow's blind spot, to which it couldn't see him from its angle. "Are you there?"
"Y-Yeah, i-it's me." Raiken said, slowly walking into the creature's line of sight. 'Fuck, I shouldn't have done that. Oh
[Rai's Diary] PMDU N-R D1 Placeholder- Conflicts."You think he'll be okay?" Crescendo asked Diminuendo, sighing.
"He'll be fine...I think." The Zoroark replied, not too sure of his answer since he hadn't known the Jolteon for quite long before the Dungeon. "I think it's best we check on him. He's been in his room for quite a few hours already."
"Alright." Said her as she walked towards the door and opened it. A small breeze blew towards them as the door opened, revealing the room and an open window.
"What the..."
The whole room seemed quite tidy. That is, except for the study table.
The study table is a pile of mess. Spilled ink and torn paper everywhere. Missing reports were being written halfway through but something caught her eye.
"A...diary...?" She picked up the book, which seemed to be open on one page, dried tears and some blood scattered across that page, along with the same spilled ink that stained the paper. Crescendo turned to Diminuendo, who then gave a nod, and she picked up the diary and started reading.
"Dear Di
[NSFW/VDay Special] Raiken x MaleJolteon!ReaderIt was a silent night. The moon is as bright as a burning candlelight in a dark room, and the stars are blinking like an infinite pair of eyes staring down at the ground. Moonlight shone through the window, and you stared at it, almost ignoring the passage of time until a certain Jolteon crept up your bed.
The Jolteon lied down on beside you, blushing and stuttering heavily which made you wonder what he’s up to, but you soon wished that you were better off not knowing.
"H-Hey…" He seemed really nervous, trying to look at you yet his face was red like a Tamato. "C-Can we…y-you know, do that…?"
"Do…what?" You tilted your head and raised an eyebrow, though you had a subtle feeling on what he meant by that.
"Y-You know…" He seemed more nervous than ever, but suddenly shut his eyes after braving up and squeaked. "I-I want you in me!"
"H…H-Huh!?" The sudden ‘invitation’ made you blush and realize that he really wanted you, and you can fee

:icondat-one-glaceon: Dat-One-Glaceon
I am bored by Dat-One-Glaceon Child Zephyr (Child Saiyan Form) by Dat-One-Glaceon

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